Office Cleaning Services Available for the New York, NY, Area

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Since 1988, Cleaning Specialists of America has been serving corporations in the New York, NY, area, keeping employees safe through our office cleaning services. Our detailed, professional office cleaning will allow your employees to function efficiently and increase your business’s performance, all while looking the very best for your clients.

Health Benefits Offered

At CSA, we take health and safety seriously. We recognize that cleanliness isn’t just a matter of appearances: employees need a clean environment to operate in optimal health. When we clean your workplace, we’ll remove mold spores and allergens that affect the health of your staff or personnel.

We will also remove blemishes such as scuff marks and defunct labels so that your office has a more professional face and an environment that encourages quality operations. When your employees function in a more ideal environment, their performance and job satisfaction will likely increase, which increases your bottom line.

Services Offered

We use a range of cleaning equipment and services in our office cleaning to make sure we get all the irritants and allergens that may affect your productivity. Our office cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning and polishing of top caps and side moldings
  • Extraction and grooming
  • Removal of old tape and labels from molding
  • Removal of scuff marks from base molding
  • Spot cleaning and conditioning
  • Stretching of any sagging fabric
  • Thorough bi-directional vacuuming
  • Wet/dry cleaning and deodorizing

In addition to these services, we offer general office cleaning, restroom cleaning, and cleaning of other important areas such as food-service areas. Our office cleaning services are available on a nightly basis as well as on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis according to your company’s needs and preferences.

To learn more about our cleaning services and start constructing a service package specific to your business, call us at 212-545-8300 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.