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For your company to succeed, it must first make a good impression on your clients or customers. So when your office is piled high with loose paperwork or the lobby appears disheveled and uncared for, your clients likely won’t want to visit you again. After all, a clean, professional-looking office tells your clients that you take care of your surroundings—and that you’ll take care of them.

If you want to remove the clutter and make your office clean and tidy, turn to Cleaning Specialists of America. Since 1988, our NYC office cleaners provided thorough and effective office cleaning services to business owners across New York, NY, and we can help you too.

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Turn to CSA—the Experts in Office Cleaning

When you hire our office cleaning company to organize your New York, NY office, you don’t get just run-of-the-mill janitorial services. Rather, our professional cleaners work thoroughly to provide you with a deep clean.

We even perform comprehensive background checks on all of our staff members, so you can rest assured that your business—and all its sensitive areas and documents—will be kept safe while we work. We also maintain active liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

At CSA, our NYC office cleaners want you to feel in control of how your office is cleaned. When you schedule our janitorial services, you can directly contact our office cleaning staff to make specific requests. If you need us to clean or restore your carpets, fabrics, and finishes, let us know. We specialize in various office cleaning services so your office can be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Read below to learn more about how we can assist you. When you’re ready to book a service, simply call us at 212-545-8300.

 Custom Tailored Programs

When making the right choice of the cleaning service provider, a major consideration should be if they can adapt to the special needs to your organization. A “one size fits all” approach by many cleaning services out there in the marketplace is certainly not beneficial to you as the client. At CSA, we custom tailor each and every cleaning service proposal specifically with the special needs or your firm; we also can adapt easily to special requests for services and incorporate additional responsibilities promptly at anytime the client chooses.

CSA menu of services can be either bundled or “al la carte.” They are:

Nightly Cleaning Services | Workstations / Panels | Upholstered Seating

Fabric Wall Covering / Panels | Vinyl Wall Covering | Carpet & Area Rugs

Draperies | Tapestries | Window Blinds | Tile Floor Strip & Wax | Restroom Revitalization

Pre & Post Move Cleaning | General Heavy Cleaning | Acoustical Ceilings

Post Construction Detailing | Carpet Color Restoration |

Scotchgard & Fire Retardants | Water Damage Restoration

Service Frequency

Depending on your needs, cleaning services may by nightly, daily, 2 x, 3 x weekly, weekly, every 2 weeks, 2 x monthly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually. For those clients who require nightly services, direct access to the principals of the service provider is essential, as nightly cleaning operations may need to be altered either on a 1 time request or on a time to time basis to maximize service results while not being a disruption to the clients’ late meeting or special events. CSA also can provide urgent and emergency bookings for services should the need arise. Urgent cleaning services or last minute requests are when the client either has senior corporate management visiting the space or even a final detail cleaning after some renovations, painting or staff moves. Emergency services can be quickly arranged in the unfortunate event of a broken water pipe or post fire cleanup.

 Did you know?

Interesting factoid; did you know that up to 70% of all dust is comprised of dead skin cells. The remaining 30% is often comprised of mold spores and other allergens that can irritate the upper respiratory system and result in staff fatigue, eye strain and illness which increase employee downtime by being out of the office sick. The tangible result in a cleaner interior environment directly reflects a positive asset to your bottom line as employee production is increased while downtime is reduced.


At CSA, we pride ourselves in providing the very best service at competitive rates. While there is a myriad of cleaning contractors out there, CSA brings “Professionalism, Integrity, Honor & Respect” to the marketplace. We will stop at nothing to make our clients happy with our performance. In business today, it is harder than ever to find people who are “old school,” who really cares about the client. At CSA, it is our mission to make you look good for your customers, visitors and staff. It’s in our DNA to make you look good because if you look good, so do we.

Remember, in any business the customer is ALWAYS KING, because customers make paydays possible.