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On-Site Drapery
Cleaning Services in NYC

On-Site Drapery Cleaning Services for Offices, Retail Stores, & Restaurants in NYC

Call 917-935-4990 to book your on-site drapery cleaning.

Drapes play an important part of displaying an elegant touch to an office’s layout as well as a functional role. Unfortunately, drapes can become quite dirty, quite quickly. This is where our on-site drapery cleaning services comes into play. Not only do we offer on-site and nightly cleaning services but also same-day commercial cleaning services for customers in the NYC area. 

We can deep clean your draperies and curtains on-site, right where they hang. No downtime!

  • Thorough Bi-Directional Vacuum
  • Dry/Wet Clean & Deodorize
  • No Downtime!
  • No Shrinkage
  • Enhances Fire Safety Rating
  • Flameproofing Available By Certified Technicians – FDNY Certificates Provided

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How do I schedule an on-site drapery cleaning service for my office, restaurant, or retail store?

You can schedule a drapery cleaning service with CSA by calling us at 917-935-4990.

My office is busy during the day, do you offer night cleanings?

Yes, we offer night drapery and curtain cleaning for office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Just give us a call at 917-935-4990 to schedule a night cleaning.

Is Cleaning My Office's draperies and curtains Really Worth It?

Absolutely. Draperies and Curtains attract dust and dirt and can start looking quite filthy over time. This not only affects the look but also adds to your employee’s allergy issues. 

We have had bad cleaning jobs in the past. What makes you different?

CSA’s supervisors stop by job sites to conduct inspections to maintain quality control for consistent service. We also appoint an account executive that monitors all on-site cleaning operations and liaisons directly with each client in a timely manner.

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