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Nightly Commercial
Cleaning Services in NYC

Nightly Commercial Cleaning Services: We Use Your Nights to Enhance Your Work Hygiene

Professional cleaning service has been generic on this day and age but nightly commercial cleaning services are something is the new revolt. As the future comes, the ideas are generated more and more to ensure human ease and comfort. Nightly cleaning service is just another and must say a brilliant byproduct of this journey of comforting our daily chores.

To be exceptionally honest nothing can cause us more hassle than the cleaning shift and if it’s regarding offices or any corporate sector cleaning is the most challenging task to perform. Though the professional cleaning services have made cleaning easier for us the actual change has come with the idea of nightly cleaning services. Well, some offices remain so occupied throughout the day, day shift cleaning becomes a reason for disturbance. Thus, we, Cleaning Specialist of America has come over with the amazing service of nightly cleaning. For details check out the rest of the content and get to know about our exclusive services.

The Idea of Nightly Cleaning Services

Nightly cleaning service is basically a process towards your disruptive work time. We all know there is no alternative way of regular cleaning to ensure your workplace hygiene. But cleaning through the work time can actually disturb your workflow. Thus we come forward to help you to shift your cleaning process at night.

Yes, you heard it correctly, we clean your office or corporate place at night. Our employees with the utmost knowledge of the latest cleaning equipment, proper training and extreme value of work, can do wonder with your hygiene. We basically handle the hassle while you are cracking the business deals or getting your power nap. This innovative idea of nightly cleaning is meant for all your comfort and for saving your time and effort.

Significance of Nightly Cleaning Services

Now, the most important question why do you need a nightly cleaning service or do you actually need this service anyways? To decode this question the first thing you must consider is to check out the benefits of nightly cleaning services. So, have a glance.

Commercial nightly cleaning services help to make your time management process more effecient. As the services are provided in a night shift, there is no chance of having any disturbance. For sure, you won’t appreciate your employees to move here and there due to the movement of our cleaning staff. Moreover, the whole cleaning movement can really disrupt the focus of your employees.

Next, nighty cleaning brings out the most efficiency from our members. They remain focused more than ever during night time as they can work then with zero impediments. You can have a hundred percent work output and your morning will start with a hygiene atmosphere around you.

If your office is loaded with employees during day time, you must opt for a nightly cleaning option. It’s more like multi-tasking. You can take your healthy sleep and in the meantime, your office will be cleaned to perfection.

Our Exclusive Services

General Cleaning

This is the most basic cleaning service that we provide. You can either choose monthly or daily cleaning from this service. Our general cleaning services include the followings:

  • Surface cleaning services are available from your floor to your backyard and front area of the corporate area or home, we clean the surface.
  • We provide ceilings cleaning services as well as walls cleaning on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • All household equipment such as microwave, fridge, and ac and also the corporate equipment are cleaned in this service pattern.
  • We also do normal dusting and moderate cleaning of furniture.


  • All the carpets whether the entrance carpet or inside the carpet, all are vacuumed thoroughly.
  • The floors are vacuumed by displacing furniture.
  • Even curtains and lawn areas are vacuumed as well.

Trash Removing

  • Trash cans, papers, plastics we remove all.
  • We clean trash bins and collect the trash.
  • Our staff will collect trash from the whole area that we are occupied for.

Customized Cleaning

Cleaning Specialists of America believe in utmost customer satisfaction thus we care for your special demands regarding cleaning. We clean as per the demands of customers. No matter you want us to serve you daily, weekly or monthly, we will be at your service. We fulfill the demands of yours, you can circulate our workers as per your preference and can have your own demands or you can simply redesign the schedule and we are open to all your desires.

Delicate Services

  • We ensure the security of our cleaning spaces thus we always recruit honest and trustworthy members.
  • The workers keep the doors shut once they enter into your place and locks the door once they are done. No risk regarding this.
  • We update about any maintenance you may need such as regarding your bathroom or electricity or waterline.
  • Our staff also takes care of putting the light off once we are done and also try to minimize the electricity use.

You can check our other services as well.

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Offices ~ Conference Rooms ~ Reception ~ Open Areas
  • Empty & dispose of all trash & recyclables
  • Replace trash liner
  • Wipe clean trash cans
  • Dust all computers, telephones, printers, etc…
  • Dust/polish all desks, credenzas, tables & files
  • All business machines dusted
  • Dry mop all hard surface flooring
  • Wet mop/disinfect all hard surface flooring
  • Spot clean all glass panels
  • Whisk clean upholstered seating – as needed
  • Detail clean conference rooms & reception areas
  • Vacuum all carpeting
  • Empty & dispose of all trash
  • Wipe down trash cans – as needed
  • Toilets cleaned and disinfected
  • Clean & disinfect all sinks, buff all fixtures
  • Mirrors cleaned, streak-free
  • Wipe down all walls, partitions & doors
  • Clean & disinfect all doorknobs
  • Restock all toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissue & hand soaps
  • Mop & disinfect all flooring
  • Disinfect & clean HVAC air vents – as needed
Kitchens, Cafeterias, Pantries
  • Empty & dispose of all trash
  • Wash all dishes – as needed
  • Clean & disinfect sinks – counters – cabinets
  • Coffee pots & kitchen machines cleaned
  • Wipe down all appliances; refrigerators, microwaves, water coolers
  • Restock all coffee, teas & associated supplies
  • Mop & disinfect flooring
  • Clean & disinfect HVAC air vents – as needed
Photocopy, Mailroom & Other Support Areas
  • Empty & dispose of all trash & recyclables
  • Dust all photocopiers & wipe clean placement table glass
  • Wipe down all counters & cabinets
  • Shelving dusted and cleaned – as needed
  • Police & clean elevator lobbies – as needed
Weekly Service
  • Clean/polish all desks, credenzas & end tables
  • Carpet spot/stain removal
  • Spot clean all doors; remove smudges & hand prints
  • High dust all areas between
  • Trash all perishable food from refrigerators; disinfect in & out
  • Spot clean walls & light switches
  • Wipe down all staircase railings
  • Mop all staircases & landings
Monthly Service
  • Vacuum all upholstered seating
  • Wipe down all file cabinets
  • Clean & disinfect all telephone handsets, untangle cords
  • Wipe down all window sills & moldings
  • Dust all chair bases
  • Spray buff all VCT tile flooring – as needed
Quarterly Service
  • Scrub/clean/wax & buff resilient floor tile
  • High-pressure steam clean & disinfect all restrooms
  • High-pressure steam clean & disinfect all food service areas
  • Dust overhead light fixtures
  • Wipe down all doors & door frames
  • Trash cans cleaned
  • Clean all food service area cabinets – in & out
  • Scrub clean & disinfect kitchen floor
  • Foodservice area ceilings vacuumed
  • Vacuum all restroom ceilings
  • Detail ceiling air vents