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Commercial Restroom 
Cleaning Service in NYC

Restroom Cleaning Services for Offices, Retail Stores, & Restaurants in NYC

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Nothing is worse than an office, restaurant, or retail store with a dirty and unsanitary restroom. A dirty bathroom effects customer views of your business as well as affecting employee working environment. Our commercial restroom cleaning services remove bacteria, potentially deadly viruses, soap scum, stains, and leave your business with a fresh sanitary restroom. 

Cleaning Specialists of America offers a deeper sanitation cleaning for your office restroom through:

  • High-pressure steam clean/sanitize of restroom fixtures
  • Clean/sanitize ceiling tiles & grid system
  • Light repair of cracked/loose wall/floor tile
  • Heavy-duty strip & scrub all wall/floor tile
  • Apply specialized protective sealer
  • Apply floor polish – if desired
  • Polish all stainless steel bathroom fixtures
  • Deep clean all stall partitions
  • Deep clean all interior lighting
  • Steam clean mirrors

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How do I schedule a restroom cleaning service for my office, restaurant, or retail store?

You can schedule a restroom cleaning with CSA by calling us at 917-935-4990 or emailing us at info@csany.com

My office is busy during the day, do you offer night cleanings?

Yes, we offer night commercial restroom cleanings for office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and more. Just give us a call at 917-935-4990 to schedule a night cleaning.

Is Cleaning My Office's Restroom Really Worth It?

Absolutely. Restrooms become gross quote quickly and it very important to keep them sanitized. 

We have had bad cleaning jobs in the past. What makes you different?

CSA’s supervisors stop by job sites to conduct inspections to maintain quality control for consistent service. We also appoint an account executive that monitors all on-site cleaning operations and liaisons directly with each client in a timely manner.

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