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A premier office cleaning provider with over 30 years of experience serving the finest NYC‘s commercial buildings, coupled with the extensive knowledge of specialized cleaning, detailing & restoration company.


CSA will customize our cleaning service to the specific needs of your organization.

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Your Commercial Building Cleaner Source for NYC

Cleaning Specialists of America is the premier office cleaning provider with over 30 years of experience serving the finest NYC’s real estate, coupled with the extensive knowledge of specialized cleaning, detailing & restoration company.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, CSA has been at the forefront of all cleaning and disinfecting needs of all of our customers. We are fully staffed and ready to serve all venues requiring multi-level disinfecting needs.

If you need any information for your free pricing quotation contact us. 

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Turn to CSA—Your Commercial Building Cleaning Experts

At CSA, our NYC office cleaners want you to feel in control of how your office is cleaned. When you schedule our janitorial services, you can directly contact our office cleaning staff to make specific requests. If you need us to clean or restore your carpets, fabrics, and finishes, let us know. We specialize in various office cleaning services so your office can be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Office Cleaning Service

There are many benefits to hiring a commercial office cleaning service. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it frees up your employees to focus on their work, rather than having to clean the office themselves. A clean office is also a more professional  environment that will make a better impression on clients. Having a professional cleaning service come in to clean the office on a regular basis is the best way to keep the business in a top productivity environment.

How often should high traffic office carpet be cleaned? 

A typical office of 10 employees and or customers or more should have their carpet cleaned at least weekly or bi-monthly.

How often do commercial office cleaners clean?

The frequency of office cleaning depends on the type of business, the amount of foot traffic, and the preference of the business owner. Some businesses may opt for daily cleaning, while others may only need cleaning once a week.

How do commercial office cleaners disinfect? 

There are a few different ways that commercial office cleaners disinfect. The most common way is to use a chemical disinfectant. This is a solution that is applied to surfaces that need to be disinfected. It is important to follow the instructions on the disinfectant label in order to ensure that it is used correctly. Another way to disinfect is by using ultraviolet light. This is a method that is often used in hospitals and other medical facilities.
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gregory sholette
gregory sholette
At 4PM on Friday Oct 9 2020 a commercial van belonging to Cleaning Specialists of America (270 Madison Ave 10016) parked by the fire hydrant outside our apartment building in uptown Manhattan. The driver noisily played radio and talked loudly on phone as I tried to hold an online meeting. Looking out the window I see the driver drop an empty bottle of bleach out of the van and right onto the street. For over an hour the van was left running spewing strong exhaust fumes as the driver consumed a pizza. I finally called the company to complain. When the van left at 5PM, the bottle was removed, however, the pizza box, several latex gloves and soda containers were left in the street and on the fire hydrant.
Wayne Ruben
Wayne Ruben
We have worked with CSA since 2006. They respond to our requests promptly. They are polite. Our inquiries have always received the owner (Todd's) response. We have been really, really satisfied over the years. This is a top notch organization that stands by their service.
Joel Guzman
Joel Guzman
Cleaning Specialists America (CSA) has been a trusted service provider for over 9 years now and we have always enjoyed a very favorable/open relationship.  They are professional, dedicated and highly responsive to all our (and sometimes last minute) service needs.  There's no better way to say it other than "it's a pleasure doing business with them." Kudos! Joel GuzmanOffice Experience Manager Crowdtap/Suzy
Caren F
Caren F
Since my normal workday is quite hectic, I normally don't have the time to write reviews but this case call for an exception. We have been working with our nightly cleaning vendor (CSA - Cleaning Specialist America) for the past 8 years and have always enjoyed a very positive service experience. Recently, we had a special event planned for our office and CSA provided additional deep cleaning and detailing to make our space shine for the camera crew. Their level of service is exemplary and total dedication to customer service in most notable. Its an absolute joy working with them! Caren Franklin Office Services Al Roker Productions, Inc.
Wayne Gregory
Wayne Gregory
It has been a serene pleasure working with C.S.A. for over four years for our two Community Offices in Brooklyn and Queens. The level of service is top notch and there is no special cleaning that we need that they can not do. C.S.A. is extremely attentive to our needs as we are a City Agency and our hours vary from day to day and even during major holidays. We can always rely on them for excellent customer service and satisfaction. They are the go to people for all our cleaning needs. Well Done! Wayne Gregory MetroPlus NYC H&H
Louise Blood
Louise Blood
I’ve worked with the professionals at CSA for years, and not only do they take enormous pride in their work, they are trustworthy and easy to work with. Their pricing is competitive, and given the quality of the work, an excellent value. Like all business owners, I have many things to worry about. With CSA, they do the worrying, and that’s an enormous help to me and my business.
Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross
I have been using CSA for ten years; our auto dealer is a highly trafficked environment. CSA has always been there, especially in emergency situations. We highly recommend the organization and look forward to our continued relationship.
David Oralevich
David Oralevich
The team over at CSA is beyond responsible and professional. We had a situation in our office and didn't know who to call. We did a quick Google search, and Todd was there. He and his team were prompt efficient and respected the workplace. Since we first met CSA only a few months ago, we hired CSA to manage our entire facility. Thank you to Todd and Reeny - you guys are great.
David Hall
David Hall
Great service. For sure I will recommend you.
Oliver James
Oliver James
I would highly recommend CLEANING SPECIALIST OF AMERICA for Office cleaning. Best service ever






At CSA, we pride ourselves in providing the very best service at competitive rates. While there is a myriad of cleaning contractors out there, CSA brings “Professionalism, Integrity, Honor & Respect” to the marketplace. We will stop at nothing to make our clients happy with our performance.

Did you know?
At CSA, we pride ourselves in providing the very best service at competitive rates. While there is a myriad of cleaning contractors out there, CSA brings “Professionalism, Integrity, Honor & Respect” to the marketplace. We will stop at nothing to make our clients happy with our performance.


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Commercial and janitorial cleaning requires various duties to disinfect and scrub buildings clean. This may include sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, dusting surfaces, and emptying trash cans.

In many cases, commercial cleaners may also be responsible for cleaning windows and carpets. No matter what the specific duties are, the goal is always to maintain a clean and orderly environment. This may involve sweeping and mopping floors, dusting surfaces, taking out trash, and more. In some cases, janitors may also be responsible for setting up or breaking down furniture, or doing other odd jobs as needed. They may also be responsible for cleaning up spills or accidents, and ensuring that the building is safe and clean for occupants.

Janitors typically work during the night or early morning hours, when there are fewer people around.

What does the term “commercial cleaning” mean?

Commercial cleaning is done by qualified cleaners who are employed by business or organization. 
For instance, to make sure that their premises are sufficiently sanitized and clean, hotels, businesses, and recreation facilities are likely to hire commercial cleaners.

What distinguishes commercial cleaning from industrial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is often done on smaller scale, while industrial cleaning calls for greater attention to detail, compliance with various health and safety regulations, and use of various cleaning methods and chemicals.

What is the name of the cleaning sector?

Consumer cleaning services and commercial cleaning services are the two primary divisions of the cleaning industry. 
While commercial cleaners assist businesses and corporations, consumer cleaners focus on residential properties (homes).

What are the 3 types of cleaning?

  1.  Regular cleaning. This usually takes around two to three hours.
  2. Deep cleaning. More comprehensive than a regular clean.
  3. End of tenancy cleaning.